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From 21st April 2016, the Malaysian Government started the facility of e-visa for the Indian nationals. E-Visa is the easiest form of visa, which lets you get the approval by sitting at the comfort of your home. Malysia e-Visa is a single entry visa, which enables you to stay in the Malaysian territory for a maximum of 30 days. This visa can only be issued for the purpose of tourism and no extension is allowed.

Required Documents:-

Following are the documents which you must provide while applying for your eVISA:

Approval Process:-
The right to approve your visa application is solely dependent on Immigration and Consulate Officers. Kindly note that you may be asked to present additional documents if deemed necessary.


  • Free visa recovery service for our applicants.
  • We re-check your application before sending it for processing with the higher authorities.
  • Secure online payment.
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  • Simple to apply.
  • We help you to get the the visa in 2-3 business days.

The processing fee is $34.99 (approximately Rs.2400) + Visa fee Rs.1000 + transaction fee of Rs.99 + *Admin Fee Rs. 500.


Malaysia-evisa.com is nowhere affiliated with and Malaysian government or entity. It only helps its customers to get their visa processed without any errors and omissions. Our team works just to make sure that we provide visas without any problems to the travelers. However, you can apply for your visa with the Malaysian Government website if you wish to do so.
E-visa on approval is electronically attached to the traveler's passport. The confirmation of the approved visa is sent to  the traveler via email by the Immigration Authorities of Malaysia. Though the visa is electronically attached to your passport, but we advise all the travelers to keep the printout of the approval with them throughout their stay in Malaysia.  The approved E-Visa establishes the holder to legally enter Malaysia under the E-Tourist Visa scheme.
Please make sure that all the information that you, or any designated third party provide while filling up the visa form on this website is correct and matches the information that is on your passport.